HELLO WORLD! ITS ME, LAYNE!!! it is!! My first blog post :)

I want to sound all excited and cheerful about doing this but to be honest it's the last thing I wanted to do haha. Don't get me wrong, my main goal in our business is helping others achieve their DIY goals. Helping my customers with their projects, giving instructions on how 2's and my opinion on products etc. is what I enjoy most, but when it comes to writing my opinions for the world to see & hear....OMG, terrify's the hell out of me! Now I need to give Matt my business partner & life partner (what a dumb title "life partner" haha) credit to my entrance into the blogging world (I still don't like you Matt). Let's just say there was no choice or slight convincing on his part, it was more of a firm shove! So here I am annoyingly writing my first blog like a pouting child.

As I'm fumbling my way through this please ignore my horrible punctuation and grammar…you will find as I go on command of the written word is not one of my strong suits!!

So let's see...for all of you who don't know me or have briefly met me my name is Layne Derochie. Together with my main man, Matt Muldoon we own and operate Prickly Pear Casa. P.P.C. has been around for little over four years. We first emerged as a fashion forward women's apparel & home decor shop which was found exclusively online. A few years later we merged with another business into a bricks & mortar location operating out of Claresholm AB...after a year spent in Claresholm we realized it was time to spread our wings and move to our own independent location. Last November we found an AMAZING space in Nanton AB and revamped our little dream shop into a trendsetting furniture revival boutique. This direction was more suited to both our skill sets & talents…Matt is a furniture builder & professional fabricator and I have an education in retail/sales & design with a passion for painting and up-cycling!
Our little shop explodes with home-decor, unusual antiques, food, health & wellness products and more. Our focus has been on creating a lifestyle shop where our customers can find the best for their homes, bodies and souls.

So here we are, just two early thirty-something year olds…:) trying to make our way in this game of life. I’m hoping this blog will give you not only some ideas for your life and projects but also a look into our life. Welcome!
Be prepared to step into our wacky world as a business couple, parents & step parent, farmers, builders and we are world, enjoy!


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