Winter Blues?? Not with Summer Greens!!

Winter Blues?? Not with Summer Greens!!

Well, its still winter.

It may be warm for the moment but it is still February and all of you Canadian guys and gals know that a warm snap this time of year is just an unfunny joke from Mummy Nature.

If you are anything like me, you are really starting to miss the green spaces of summer and the gardens we spend so much time tending in the warmer times.

As a way to combat the winter blues, I am giving you my list of favourite inside plants! It’s pretty easy to make my list. The inside plant simply must be green, and easy to take care of. (I mean really easy cause if there is a way to kill a plant, I will find it and I will kill that thing until is it a tiny, smoldering heap of ash.)

So here, I present to you: 

Layne’s List of Plants You Should Have in Your House That Are Easy to Take Care Of...


Bamboo releases up to 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and will absorb more carbon dioxide in comparison to other plants. That means these cute little monkeys will scrub the air in your home while looking great in whatever spot you plunk them down. Keep them well-watered and out of direct sunlight.

Bamboo in planter

Weeping Fig / Ficus!!

This is my personal favourite of the list. The Ficus Benjamina is, to me, the coolest looking plant you can have in your home. They do sometimes have difficultly adjusting to a new environment and may drop a few leaves, but once they are in their spot and find their groove they are amazing. Keep your plant in indirect but bright spots and water only if the top few inches of soil are dry.

Disclaimer: One of the coolest parts of this plant is the braided trunk. Braided trunks don't occur naturally. They are braided when young and malleable and keep growing like that for their life. Luckily it doesn’t hurt them and looks awesome!

Ficus Benjamina


If you can’t keep succulents alive, vegetation and you might not be the best pairing! Seriously though, succulents look great and require almost no work. For a great addition with minimal effort on your part, consider an Aloe Vera plant. My mum has the same Aloe plant in her house that we had when we were kids. It was a staple of the living room and lost the odd piece to tend to our different cuts, bumps, and scrapes. Water succulents deeply but then allow the plants to dry out enough for the top 1-2 inches of soil to be dry before re-watering. Keep in indirect but bright spaces.


Spider Plant!!

Another super low maintenance plant that looks great on a table, a ledge or hanging from the roof. Water evenly and keep in medium to bright indirect light.


Snake Plant!!

This plant is sometimes known as “your mother-in-laws tongue”! For that reason alone it has a spot on this list and in my heart. This plant is almost indestructible. A little bit of water, a little bit of sun and it might live forever!


So there is my list. Don't let the winter blues drag you down! Combat them with your own version of greens in the winter. And please, share your favorite easy-care home plants in the comments!

Always be creating

Layne & Matt

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